20 Winter Themed Blog Post Ideas

I may be a little late here as there’s snow on the ground and feels like -20 outside right now. But I wanted to share some helpful winter blog edition ideas for fellow bloggers. Winter isn’t my season of choice, but there are a lot of things about winter that I do enjoy. Hot chocolates, cozy blankets, watching W network Christmas movies every night. Of course all the holiday festivities and seeing friends and family too. It can be a really busy time for some and harder to find creativity.

Blog Post Ideas

Winter can start to get boring to me after the holidays. Finding some activities you can enjoy will be helpful as you continue to wait for spring. Typical go-to holiday blog posts are great but we must remember that winter lasts a lot longer than that. Cold and cozy nights are a perfect time to be writing new blog material, so I hope that you enjoy some of these ideas as you make your own! I’m hoping this list will help motivate me too to write more and maybe do less post-holiday sulking.

Blog Post Ideas

Top 20 Winter Blog Post Ideas
  • Share your favourite thing to do or see in the winter – pics or it didn’t happen!
  • Create a gift guide for people on a budget (please share with me if you have one!)
  • Gift guide for those hard to buy for family member and friends or that someone who already has literally everything
  • Share your favourite holiday or winter comfort food recipes (or tell us about some awesome one’s you’ve found and tried if your not a recipe creator yourself)
  • List of classic holiday movies to watch or awesome holiday party playlist
  • Fashion and beauty essentials for cold weather (must include chapstick)
  • DIY holiday d├ęcor ideas
  • List your goals or bucket list for 2018 or your blogging resolutions
  • Share some of your favourite family holiday traditions
  • Tips on increasing your mood and staying motivated in the cold weather
  • Recipes for some hot winter inspired drinks
  • Make a snowman or do something fun in the snow and take pics
  • Share your own favourite holiday or winter blog posts
  • Tips for decorating your home once the holidays are over and your tree is put away
  • Top books for cozy weekends in or a snow day if you are lucky enough
  • Beating those January blues after the hectic holidays
  • Fitness and workout ideas when you don’t want to go outside
  • Netflix picks for all those cozy binge-worthy winter nights
  • Favourite stocking stuffer ideas
  • Some of your favourite or funny stories from the holidays

If you’re a blogger, I’d love to hear below any other great ideas you have for winter blog posts that I haven’t thought of yet!

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