What’s with the Polka Dots?


Now that my blog has been live for almost a month and we’ve survived 5 of my published blog posts (yay!), I wanted to share a bit about me and how I landed on this journey.

You might be thinking – what’s with all the polka dots?

About a year or so ago I suddenly realized that I had an awful lot of polka dot stuff around – clothes, shoes, bags, mugs, teapots, notebooks, and the list goes on. I’m obsessed with all Kate Spade things which certainly didn’t help. Eventually, my friends and family caught on and started enabling me by buying me both Kate Spade and polka dot things. Then I thought – I really do like them, don’t I? I love that they are so fun and also fashionable! Something about them just makes me happy.

So I started calling myself Polka Dot Girl on Social Media and it just stuck, people who knew me understood and thought it was a good fit. I will also admit that I have a lot of stripes in my summer wardrobe but I’m not going to switch my name to The Striped Girl anytime soon.

Why did I decide to launch a blog?

I’ve been getting more into reading other blogs and love what other bloggers are putting out there. I’ve made a recent career change and with this, I actually have an existent work-life balance and find myself with more free time. I can always find things to fill up all this time but have never really had a hobby that excites me, until now. The idea of starting my own blog was kind of random to be honest and without really knowing what I was doing, I just launched it. Since then (okay it’s only been a few weeks) I’ve read a lot of blogs about how to start a blog and am learning a lot more. One day when I get the hang of things, I hope to share my tips and learning moments with you. Since launching, I’ve realized just how broad and supportive the blogging community really is. I’ve already made tons of virtual friends that are there to always support each other and provide feedback when you’re feeling stuck. I also have learned that if I have any questions, all I need to do is ask a fellow group of bloggers and they will jump at the chance to provide advice and do what they can do help me out. If you’re new to blogging like me, I highly suggest joining multiple Facebook groups geared for bloggers so that you can start growing that support system as well. As with most bloggers, my goal for this journey is to eventually monetize my blog but for now I am happy just writing and connecting with the many wonderful other bloggers out there!  

When I started I thought, well what is this blog even about? What am I good at? What are my interests? I’m not a fitness pro (I try), beauty expert or fashionista. But as I started to read more lifestyle blogs, I realized that I didn’t need one specific niche and that I really actually enjoyed the idea of a lifestyle blog. I love reading about various different things, so I would love to write about lots of different things as well. As I do work in the Career Services field, I want to share my expertise and experience with my followers and will soon be launching a weekly career series. But I don’t ALWAYS want to talk about jobs day and night (boring). I’m glad you’re on this life journey with me and would love to hear what topics you want to talk about as well.

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  1. Priyanka

    February 28, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Sounds like you’re off to a good start! I think the lifestyle niche is the best so that you’re not confined – I share a mix of lifestyle topics on my blog as well. Best of luck with your blogging journey 😉

    xo, Pri

  2. pepperspennies

    February 28, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    Happy to have you join the blogging world!

  3. Miss Balance

    April 7, 2017 at 7:24 am

    I’m glad you’ve started this blog, so far I’m loving it. I look forward to reading more😊

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