How to Take Advantage of a Staycation

Sometimes we don’t have the luxury or budget for going on our dream vacation to a beach far away to escape work and responsibilities. But you still have all those vacation days to use up before the end of the year, and you deserve that break! For me, I typically like to take some vacation time to either go away to my cottage or just to stay home and get things done that I need that extra time for. Also, mainly to forget about work for a week and do some things for myself to relax and rejuvenate. Sometimes you hit a lull at work and just need to get away so you can come back more motivated, which is exactly what I’m doing this week. I love taking time off in the summer to be outdoors but that can be a long time to wait for a break, which is why this time of year is perfect. We get tired of the winter weather and dream of summer and sunshine, but we can still take full advantage of a nice break and staycation at home! When you take the time you deserve to get organized at home and have some time to relax, you will also be able to go back to work feeling refreshed and hopefully more inspired.

5 Tips for Taking Advantage of Your Staycation

  • Use your time wisely – My first instinct is just sit here and watch Netflix all day because vacation is the time to be lazy. However, at the end of the day I just don’t feel productive so I don’t want to spend all my time doing this. I plan on getting out and checking some things off my to-do list, and then with the rest of the time in the evening I can cuddle up with a good chick flick and not feel guilty. Be sure to plan ahead to ensure you get everything done that you wanted to.
  • Explore your own city – I won’t be lying on a beach somewhere far away and warm, but that doesn’t mean I can’t explore and find new activities. One thing I’ve always wanted to do is go to Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto so I’ve planned a day to go see the fish and take some ridiculous selfies with them. The best part is that attractions will be less busy when you don’t need to go on a weekend with everyone else. With the extra time you have planning a staycation, ensure to fit in some time to explore different things to do around your home.
  • Catch up on activities – Having some time off is the best way to get into a new hobby you’ve wanted to start, or get more time to do things you already love. On the days I won’t be sightseeing in my own city, you can find me curled up with a good book. Also, with the recent launch of my blog I can use that extra time to plan some new content and get ahead!
  • Pamper yourself – A staycation is the absolute best time to indulge in a cheap spa day at home. Get a bath bomb, a face mask and a cute new nail polish to give yourself a relaxing afternoon in the comforts of your own home.
  • Take some time for yourself – This is something that everyone needs once in a while. While I plan on seeing friends and family more with my extra time off, they will still need to be at work during the day which gives me a perfect excuse to take some me time.

5 Things I’ve Planned for my Staycation

  • Time at the spa and my own spa night at home – could there really be anything better?
  • Spicing things up at the hair salon – did I mention my salon serves wine?
  • Taking a nice long hot bath with my new bath bomb from Burlap and Twine, which is an adorable new store in our downtown area with handmade bath and body products.
  • Setting aside one of these days for a total Netflix binge session – check out my list of binge-worthy shows if you haven’t yet! I am open to new suggestions of what I should start next.
  • Doing my taxes! Kidding, this is not something anyone enjoys. However, it feels good to get things off your to do list and take the spare time that you do have to easily check some items off. My to do list looks daunting right now but once you start, it’s easier to keep going. Just be sure to include some time strictly for relaxing!

What else would you do if you had some extra time off? Comment below!

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