Hello, it’s me!


I might not have mentioned this yet, but I am obsessed with Adele and used to have entire conversations with friends using only lyrics from “Hello” so it seemed fitting to start off that way. If you haven’t yet, I suggest you stop by my “About Polka Dot Girl” page to learn more about me and why I’m here. I am not terribly interesting – but love reading blogs and am excited to (finally) join in on the blogging community!

My best friend just asked me what my blog was going to be about, and I couldn’t really tell her. Honestly I have so many interests (which seem to change day by day tbh) I can’t just put them all into one! But I’m hoping to talk about anything that will help all of us millennials get through life a little easier each and every day. That’s the point of a “lifestyle” blog after all… right?

My 9-5 life is in the Career Services field and I have a passion for helping fellow millennials guide their own way through careers – and life! I’m excited to be apart of the blogging community and to start connecting with you. I am always around if you need advice and hope to share my insights I’ve gained from this industry to help us all reach our goals.

In my newly found free time, I am a cottage goer, puppy lover, tea drinker, barre junkie, bookworm, and obviously a polka dot addict. I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista but I love shopping (too much), finding new beauty tricks or secrets and trying to decorate my modern but tiny apartment while on a budget. I’m sure you’ll agree that last part can be hard to do.

Stay tuned for more posts about navigating your way through life, careers, wellness, finding that perfect work-life balance, and more! Feel free to send me a note if there is something you are interested in chatting more about.

Thanks for stopping by!

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