Guess Who’s Back (Back Again)

Where have you been?

So I haven’t been active on my blog for a bit and felt I needed to catch up with my loyal readers! The past little while have been extra busy for me – with exciting wedding activities for my sister, my parents moving, a restructuring at work, a new job, and trying to enjoy the summer weather now that it’s finally here.

If you’re a blogger, or really just a human, you can understand that sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to do everything. I need to focus on my actual full time job – since it pays the bills. I’m super excited for new changes to come at work and focusing on learning new things. But I’m also excited to be a bit less busy now and ready to hopefully jump back in!

I also just kind of needed a blog break because while I’m still new to blogging, I felt like I was starting to lose myself. Trying to only post creative photos on Instagram and worrying all the time about it fitting in with the overall colour scheme and theme of my page, blah blah blah. Until I realized…I dgaf! (Sorry). But as this is a personal blog after all, why would I try to be anything else?

Don’t get me wrong. Some bloggers take absolutely amazing photos and have all these great backdrops. Props to you! But that’s just not me. I’ve never claimed to be a phenomenal photographer anyway. The typical marble and rustic wood backgrounds all look great. But again, that’s not me. I just want to share my life with my followers and be unapologetically me! Life is more enjoyable when you post whatever you want, whenever you want. Instagram has already become more fun again since I’ve stopped entirely caring. Because most of us start a blog for ourselves (or because we have too much to say and need to let it out somewhere and don’t want to start a diary). You do you!

End rant.

Honestly, I’m excited to have some time to blog a bit more and connect with my audience. But doing it the way I want! We all want to be successful in everything that we do. But success can mean different things. Success in a blog or any side hustle you take on may even just be that you really enjoy doing it, so you need to make sure you do.

Coming up on the Blog

I am excited to share that coming up next on the blog I have some great guest posters coming on board. They are going to share with you the one topic that I cannot advise you on – money! Let’s be honest, I’m not the best at budgeting or anything related to finances (as I sip my expensive Starbucks drink). It’s going to get factual and fun, I swear.

I’m pumped to have these coming up on the blog to give you all some pointers and info from the actual pros (I promise I will be listening too). In addition to some nonsense summery lifestyle posts, of course. We can’t learn every day.

Stay tuned and I hope you are all having an amazing summer!

Polka Dot Girl

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